Cameron Dupuy & The Cajun Troubadours

Cameron Dupuy - "The Accordion Prince of New Orleans"

Born and raised in a suburb of New Orleans, Cameron Dupuy became infatuated with the sounds of Cajun music at an early age, which is appropriate being the son of Cajun musician, Michael Dupuy. His father often took him to gigs where Cameron would always be on stage strumming a guitar, banging on spoons, or any thing he could get his hands on. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, Cameron was exposed to Cajun music a little more after evacuating to Lafayette, LA. On the last day of the evacuation, Cameron finally convinced “Mr. Rick”, who let the Dupuys stay at his house for the storm, to let him play the accordion sitting on the shelf. Mr. Rick was not eager, since the accordion was used to record a Grammy winning album by Jimmy Breaux, but he decided to let him play it. He was instantly hooked on the accordion.

Following his return to New Orleans, he received his first guitar for Christmas. It was his constant hearing of Cajun music that made him want to get his father’s accordion repaired that had been broken for the past few years. After spending several years as a guitarist, Cameron Dupuy started playing the Cajun accordion at the age of eleven. A breakout performance at The Liberty Theatre in April of 2010 led to a standing ovation, which earned Cameron and his band “The Cajun Troubadours” an invitation to play at Festival Acadiens et Creoles by Dr. Barry Ancelet.

The Cajun Troubadours have since been playing in the New Orleans area for the last decade including weekly gigs in the French Quarter and at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Their style has morphed into something that many bands wish they could  attain, blending the traditional songs of Southwest Louisiana with the feel and groove of a New Orleans backing band. The band includes  but is not limited to legendary New Orleans guitarist, Cranston Clements (New Orleans Guitar Masters, Irma Thomas, Cyril Neville, Dr. John) and drummer Brian Brignac (Sonny Landreth, Fats Domino). 

Cameron, the seven-time Cajun accordion contest winner, has now established himself as a favorite among many Cajun music fans in Louisiana. He has now recorded on two CDs; the most recent being “The Mid-City Aces” featuring Michael Dupuy and Gina Forsyth. The Cajun Troubadours debut album is set to be released at the end of 2018. With Cameron Dupuy and his father Michael Dupuy, The Cajun Troubadours bring a fresh, new approach to Louisiana standards and rarities.

Michael Dupuy - Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Michael Dupuy was born in New Orleans, in Mid City. He began playing guitar and singing at a young age learing from old country and cajun records his father owned. He began playing with Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys in 1988. After a short stint with the Mamou Playboys, Michael ended up joining his first cousin's band, Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band. He then started the Cajun Troubadours in the early 1990s. Since then, he has filled the Cajun music scene with great vocals and strong rhythm while playing bass or guitar.

Cranston Clements - Guitar

With a career spanning forty years, Cranston Clements has performed literally thousands of gigs, having toured world-wide and recorded with a long list of renowned performers. Being a native New Orleanian has afforded him the opportunity to work with many of the city's premier artists. His resumé includes the likes of Cyril Neville, Dr. John, Johnny Adams, Wayne Cochran & the C. C. Riders, Marva Wright, Stanton Moore, Boz Scaggs, Maria Muldaur, Allan Toussaint, the Dixie Cups, the Neville Brothers, Mighty Sam McClain, Joe Clay, Irma Thomas among many others.As one of the most sought-after guitarists in the area he has proven his worth to others in countless situations with a vast range of styles and demands, including Cajun music.

Brian Brignac - Drums

 Brian Brignac is a drummer from Gonzales, LA, just west of New Orleans. He has recorded and/or toured with international artists such as Fats Domino, Sonny Landreth, Bobby Charles, Jo-EL Sonnier, T. Chenier and Lisa Mills. Brian has played on a Grammy Award winning album with Jo-EL Sonnier and two Grammy nominated albums with Sonny Landreth. Brian owns a music studio and also works for Advertising Agency, Bionic Monkey. He has engineered thousands of radio and tv ads all across the country. Brignac has also engineered and/or produced projects for artist such as Satvir Satti, KSP music, Paramdeep Pumm, Jo-EL Sonnier, Adam Dale, Waylon Thibodaux, Ghalia Vauthier, Peter Novelli, Dwight Breland, Eddie Smith, hipbootjoe, Dave Duplissey, Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys, Another Big Machine, Ryan Foret and Ty Taylor. Brian studied Music Education under the esteemed Dr. John Raush at Louisiana State University. He endorses Dream Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Hart Dynamics and Mojo Drums.